Terms and Conditions
    1. In all contractual dealings with Weddings.ie the ‘Advertiser’ shall refer to the party responsible for payment of amounts due for the publication of an advertisement in Weddings.ie .

    2. In all contractual dealings with the ‘Advertiser’ Weddings.ie shall be referred to as the ‘Publisher’.

    3.Weddings.ie accepts advertisements on the understanding that the relationship between the Advertiser and Publisher will be governed by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions relate to every stage of the placing of an advertisement with the Publisher. Placing an advertisement with the Publisher will be considered as acceptance by the Advertiser of these Terms and Conditions.

    4. Weddings.ie, i.e. the Publisher, reserves the right to refuse or amend advertisement copy where strictly necessary.

    5. The Publisher is not responsible for any inaccuracy or omission in advertisements placed with Weddings.ie. Neither shall the Publisher bear any responsibility for the failure of an Advertisement to appear for any reason.

    6. These Terms and Conditions supersede any other terms or conditions between Publisher and Advertiser when placing an order except where alternative agreed terms or conditions are expressly approved in writing between the Publisher and Advertiser.

    7. The Advertiser is obliged to check advertisements as soon as they are published and must inform the Publisher immediately of any error, omission or misprint. In the event of this occurrence, the advertisement will only be allowed to appear in Weddings.ie until it is amended, but corrections must be made in a reasonable amount of time.

    8. The Publisher accepts advertisements for publication on the strict understanding that the Advertiser provides an advertisement that is legal and does not infringe any voluntary code of practice recommended by the Advertising Standards Authority.

    9. In the unlikely event that Weddings.ie experiences a technical event or interruption that prevents it from publishing an advertisement, the Publisher will not be held responsible for the non-publishing of the advertisement.

    10. The Publisher reserves the right of refusal to publish, or enter into a contract to publish, any advertisement that is likely to be found offensive, cause embarrassment, or leave the Publisher open to liability in any proceedings whatsoever.

    11. The Advertiser will indemnify the Publisher in respect of any losses, damages, or costs arising directly or indirectly from the production or publication of an advertisement, or as a result of any legal proceedings or threatened legal proceedings arising from the publication of an Advertisement by Weddings.ie.

    12. All copyright relating to artwork or other material which the Publisher or its employees have originated or contributed shall be deemed to remain solely with the Publisher. Copyright relating to artwork or other material which has been originated or contributed by the Advertiser or its employees shall remain with the Advertiser.

    13. The Advertiser must provide any additional information the Publisher requests in respect of the identity of the client, and must also inform the Publisher of the nature of the product/service to be advertised. Failure to comply with this request may result in cancellation of publication of the advertisement without any liability or responsibility falling on the Publisher whatsoever.

    14. The Publisher i.e. Weddings.ie is not responsible for the contents of advertisements published. The Publisher hosts advertisements in good faith on the basis of information supplied by the Advertiser.